Инсценировка “Fruit Present” (4 класс, английский язык)
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Инсценировка “Fruit Present” (4 класс, английский язык)

Иностранный язык

Инсценировка “FruitPresent” (4 класс, английский язык)


Учитель немецкого и английского языков МБОУ «Средняя

общеобразовательная школа № 4 г. Щигры Курской области»

Енютина Ирина Михайловна

Всё большую популярность приобретает театральный проект в обучении иностранному языку. Театральная постановка на иностранном языке даёт возможность детям усвоить необходимые слова и выражения, проявить свою фантазию, что развивает личность обучающихся, творческие способности. Исполняя различные роли, обучающиеся сопереживают, начинают ориентироваться в отношениях между людьми. Дети-актёры передали образы своих героев. Работа над данной инсценировкой в преддверии 8 Марта воспитывает в детях положительный образ матери, женщины. Театральная постановка вызвала интерес у обучающихся, положительные эмоции у зрителей.


Моderator: Let us watch a little play. Itʾs about different fruits. Its title is ''Fruit Present''.

Characters: Story-teller, Girl, Pineapple, Banana, Cherries, Plum, Pear, Orange, Apple, Mother.

Story- teller: Once a girl decided to bake a pie for her mother’s birthday. She took some fruit out of the fridge and began to think what kind of pie she would bake. And the fruits began to argue.

Pineapple: Everybody knows that pineapple is king of the table! Look how beautiful I am! I even have a crown of leaves on my head!

Banana: But nobody bakes pies with pineapples. A pie with banana and apple is quite a different thing! It is so tasty!

Cherries: The best pie in the world is cherry pie. Just imagine – this pie is sweet and sour at the same time.

Plum: But plum is very good too. You are too sour, while the banana is too sweet! Plum pie is the tastiest in the world.

Story-teller: The fruits quarreled. Now they were sitting in different corners of the room and didn’t want to talk to each other. The poor girl didn’t know what to do – it was her mother’s birthday and she had no pie at all! What if she put all the fruits together?

Girl: That is a very good idea. I am very glad of it. First of all I’ll make my batter and then cut the fruits.

Story-teller: But the fruits didn’t like it.

Fruits (all together): You can’t put us in your pie together. It is impossible! It is so ugly!

Pear: If you mix us, the pineapple will become red from the cherry’s juice!

Apple: Besides, the banana is very soft and if you put it together with the pear, the banana will melt while the pear will be hard!

Fruits (all together): We are not going to sit together in the same pie!

Girl: But what should I do? I want to celebrate my mother’s birthday!

Fruits: It’s quite simple. We will prepare a fruit dinner.

Girl: But what is that?

Banana: For example, you can prepare a very tasty fruit salad. You need a banana, an apple and a pear.

Orange: You can make a wonderful pudding out of me!

Girl: Very well! We’ll make an orange pudding. And what about the cherries?

Cherries: We’ll be the dessert. You can dress us with cream and put us into small glasses.

Girl: That’s great! So I’ll bake a plum pie.

Plum: I agree!

Story-teller: The plum liked this very much. She knew that she was very good for people’s health and that doctors advice people to eat plums in the morning.

Girl: But what about the pineapple?

Story-teller: The girl was glad that the fruit were not quarreling.

Girl: We have forgotten about you!

Pineapple: Oh, no! I’ll be the decoration of the table. Besides, you can cut me into pieces so everyone will get me.

Story-teller: And so they did. When Mother came there was a real celebration.

(The Mother appears.)

Mother: What clever daughter I have! How did you do it?

Girl: My friends helped me! Thank them very much!

Story-teller: All the fruits were lying on the table and were very happy.

All the fruits are singing the song “The More We Get Together”.

Moderator: Dear mothers and teachers! We wish you happiness, good health, love, gladness, kindness, warm sun rays, good children, loving husbands, beauty and many flowers.



Белянко Е. Л. Урок – драматизация по теме “Happy 8th of March”. // Иностранные языки в школе. - 2009. - № 5.