Сценарий сказки на английском языке "Красная шапочка"
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Сценарий сказки на английском языке "Красная шапочка"

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Let me tell you the tale of a little girl,
A girl that all of you know.
Let me tell you the tale of this special girl
Who is the star of our show.
Once, long ago, there was a little girl,
Loved by all who knew her well,
Especially by her grandmother dear,
Who gave her a velvet cap to wear.
It was so refined,
That she began to wear it all the time.
She wore it anytime she could
And so she got the name of Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red and her mother lived in a small village at the edge of a big scary forest.
(Mother and Little Red Riding Hood sing a song.)
Little Red, my Little Red, you cannot go wrong.
We have got a family tree with roots a mile long.
We've got greatness in our genes, courage in our blood.
I can swear it's guaranteed that you won't be a dud.
Little Red Riding Hood:
Dear Mum, not a dud, no way.
I'm gonna be so special.
You're gonna be so good,
You're my Little Red Riding Hood.

Come here, Red Riding Hood. Take this cake and wine to grandmother for they will do her good.
Little Red Riding Hood: Yes, Mama, I'd be very glad to.
And remember! On your way through the woods you've got to stop, look and listen,
For there are dangers all around you, cause there are wolves just dying to meet you
And have a Red Riding Hood barbecue. So don't talk to any stranger
Cause if you do, you'll regret it later. So you should stop, look and listen
Because it just might save your life.
Little Red Riding Hood: Yes, Mama, don't worry. I'll be very careful.
(sings a song)
Oh it's a great big world, here is my chance to explore.
I'm an adventurous girl when I'm allowed out the door.
Granny, your food's getting cold, time for me to be bold,
So I will skip along and what could go with me wrong?
Oh, I've got to stop, look and listen
For there may be very dangerous creatures
Like wicked wolves who want to eat me.
Mum didn't allow me to meet them.
But I'm a very adventurous girl
So nothing can go with me wrong.
(Little Red Riding Hood sees wild animals dancing.)
Animals: Who are you, little girl and where are you going?
Little Red Riding Hood: I'm Little Red Riding Hood and I'm going to visit my sick Granny.
Animals (sing ):
There are many dangers all around you on your way through these great big old woods
Because there are wolves just dying to meet you to have a very tasty barbecue.
Stay on the road and don't stray left or right. Keep this long path inside,
And you'll be all right.
Narrator: Deep in the woods there lived a wolf. Such an evil and wicked creature he was!
Wolf (sings):
I want something, I want something,
I want something good to eat.
I'm so very hungry
And my dream is a slice of tasty meat.
Wolf (sees Little Red Riding Hood): That's the treat for me!
(Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood dance.)
Wolf: Good morning, Honey!
Little Red Riding Hood: Good morning, Mister Wolf.
Wolf: Where are you heading, darling?
Little Red Riding Hood: To my grandma's house. I'm carring her a basket of homemade treats that I hope will make her well.
Wolf: How kind you are! And where does your grandma live?
Little Red Riding Hood: She lives far away on the other side of the wood. Her house stands under three large oak-trees. You surely must know it.
Wolf: What a tender young creature! What a nice lunch she and her grandmother will be for me! Little Red Riding Hood, look around! Raise your eyes and watch the sunbeams dancing here and there through the trees. Look at the pretty flowers growing everywhere. Can you hear how sweetly the birds are singing? Pick some flowers for your Grandma. That would surely please her. And I'm too busy. I must leave. See you soon.
Narrator: Poor Little Red Riding Hood! How could she do it?
Wolf: Guess, what there will be on my menu tonight. Riding Hood Fricassee with ketchup. Well, I'll visit grandma dear and I'll eat her first, that's clear. And then when that silly girl comes to call, I'll...
Narrator: I overheard what you're thinking; I overheard what you're planning, Mr Wolf. You can't fool me. I'll call 9-1-1 if you hurt her. You'll be locked away, jailed forever if I see you'll try to harm Riding Hood.
Wolf: All right, Mr Narrator, you've won. I won't eat Little red Riding Hood or her grandmother.
Narrator: You promise?
Wolf: I promise.
Narrator: Great. Now Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny are out of danger.
Wolf: Where's that Granny? I'm hungry! I'm really hungry! When do I get something to eat?
(knocks at Grandmother's door)
Grandma: Who's there?
Wolf: It's me, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma. I bring you some cake and wine. Open the door.
Grandma: Just lift the latch to open the door and come in. I'm too weak and cannot get up.
Wolf: Don't worry, Grandma, I will. Here I am.
Grandmother: Help, help!
(Hunters appear.)
Hunter I: Ha-ha-ha!
Hunter II: And when I saw him last, I...
Hunter I: T-s-s, somebody is crying for help.
Hunter II: Isn't it Grandma Riding Hood?
Hunter I: Right. Hurry up! We'll help her.
Hunters: Raise your paws, you evil creature! Go straight ahead!
Little Red Riding Hood: Grandma dear, what's happening?
Grandmother: That wicked Mr Wolf wanted to eat me but the hunters came on time.
Little Red Riding Hood: Come here, Mr Wolf!
Wolf: Forgive me, please, forgive me.
Little Red Riding Hood: Look at this dog collar. Now I'm your boss and you're my pet.
Narrator: That's the end of the tale. Goodness won and I'm glad to see everyone happy.