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Научно исследовательская работа по английскому языку ученицы 7 класса Огурцовой Марии, учитель И.М.Енютина

Иностранный язык

Научно исследовательская работа по английскому языку ученицы 7 класса Огурцовой Марии, учитель И.М.Енютина

«My Native Town»

Тема моего проекта «My Native Town» ( «Мой родной город» ).

На уроках английского языка мы обращаемся к обилию страноведческого материала, в частности, сведениям из истории, культуры, географии стран изучаемого языка. Безусловно, невозможно включить в учебники страноведческие материалы всех регионов страны. Мотивацией к работе над проектом явилось желание рассказать на английском языке о том, что нас окружает, что близко и дорого с детства, чем мы горды и готовы поделиться с партнёрами по межкультурной коммуникации. Регионоведческий материал о нашей малой родине может быть интересным для зарубежных собеседников.
1.Welcome to Shchigry! I live in a quiet provincial town.

2.Shchigry was founded in 1779. Our town is situated on the river Shchigor.
Our town is very beautiful. You can see many sights there. There are two factories, three libraries and three clubs in Shchigry.

3.Shchigry is a green town. There is a big park and alleys in Shchigry.

4.The people go for a walk with their children in the park. The children go on rides.

5.The people of our town like nature very much. They make little gardens in their yards.

6.Our town has rich history. Photos, documents and old things are kept in the local history museum.

7.Our people remember their heroes. There is Victory Square in Shchigry.

8.This is a monument of the defenders of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War (1941 -1945) and a monument of the soldiers in Afghanistan.

9.Victory Day is a great holiday for all Russian people. We are proud of our grandparents. They fought for our country inthe Great Patriotic War. Five citizens of our town became heroes. They are Stepanov, Sitnikov, Pronin and others

10.This is a monument in honour of the constructor Nepobedimy. Our town is famous for its writers and poets such as Malykhin, Konorev, Snegiryov, Khizyov and Timonov.

11.We have the Holy Trinity church.

12.This is Holy Trinity Square.

13.There is Red Square in the centre of Shchigry. In January there is a colourful New Year tree in the centre of the Square.

14.A lot of attention is devoted to education. There are 4 secondary schools in Shchigry. I go to school number 4. There are nice flowerbeds in front of the school.

15.There are a lot of classrooms with modern equipment in our school.

16.The teachers and pupils of our school took part in the meeting and in the mass action, which were devoted to Victory Day. We put flowers on the monument of the heroes. We went to Victory Square to meet veterans. There were a lot of flowers, smiles and tears.
17.I am proud of my beautiful town! Thank you for attention.